Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Golf - Hillcrest GC

Despite forecasts to the contrary, today felt like another warm humid day, so I got out for an early 9 holes of golf at Hillcrest. Things started out pretty well, bogey-bogey-bogey, which for me is like par. Then came #4 and a series of bad shots, and up went the score. After that, I settled down and played pretty well, with a couple of real pars, and even a birdie on a short par 4. If not for that one hole, I would have beaten my previous best here, but instead had to settle for an even-bogey round. Such is golf...

Tonight, I'd half-planned on joining a Mohawk-Hudson Cycling Club ride in nearby Glenville. But, having awakened at 5:00 after some reading on the sofa, hustling to make the 6:00 ride had lost its appeal. Staying home, having a few beers, and watching a Yankees game seemed like a better choice.

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