Saturday, July 30, 2011

Biking - A much-needed long day in the saddle

Today was still pretty warm, but the humidity of yesterday had dropped somewhat. I hadn't done many long rides this year, only once over 50 miles. And with the Ididaride coming up fast, I need to get out there and rack up some miles. I chose a riverside loop between Stillwater and Fort Edward, a 55-miler with about 1,579 feet of gentle climbing spread throughout. I like this ride, and usually do it at least once ever season.

Hudson River south of Schuylerville

Today, though the late morning was fairly cool, the northbound leg had a pretty strong northerly headwind, making it a lot tougher than it would normally have been. I was glad to arrive in Fort Edward and stop for a lunch break at the local Stewart's. It was getting warm out now, and I downed one Gatorade, and picked up another for the road, suspecting I might need it later.

The southbound leg was somewhat easier, without that infernal headwind. But somewhere around 35-40 miles, the legs had had enough. I stopped for an energy bar and half the Gatorade in Schuylerville, and then gingerly continued down East River Road back to the car. I was really ready to be finished, and was coasting whenever I could. This does not bode well for a 75-mile mountain loop only a few weeks away, especially with no more riding coming up until just a few days before. It might have been partly the extra work northbound because of the wind - at least I can hope. I also need to eat and drink more, a perennial problem. I've certainly lost a lot of endurance since last year, whatever the reason.

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