Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Biking and golf - dodging the storms, sort of

(CANANDAIGUA, NY) On Day 3 of my Finger Lakes getaway, my brother Walt drove out from Syracuse and joined me for a day of fun in the sun. With storms centered over our planned biking destination around Honeoye Lake, we decided to head north first for some golf. Unfortunately, a league had the course tied up for the next several hours, and we couldn't get off the tee. So we headed back to the motel, checked the weather radar again, and decided to go with the original plan and bike around nearby Honeoye Lake.

We left the car in a park on the northwest side of the lake near the town of Honeoye, and set off in a CCW direction. This was a relatively flat and relaxed 18-mile ride. There was some wind funneling up and down the valley that was annoying at times. but it was a nice ride. Near the finish, back in Honeoye at the head of the lake, the skies opened up and we got soaked. Taking shelter a couple of times, we eventually made it back to the park and the car, pretty wet but none the worse for wear.

On the drive back to the motel in Canandaigua, we decided that the weather had improved enough for 9 holes of golf, after drying off and changing clothes. So we confirmed availability with the golf course, and headed back to Parkview Fairways, where I'd played yesterday. The wind had come up, and I'm sure that was the cause of our high scores. At least it's a good excuse. Dinner at Appleby's finished off the day, and Walt headed home.

Better weather expected tomorrow, so I may get in a longer ride. Will wait and see what the morning brings.

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