Sunday, July 24, 2011

Biking - Canandaigua, NY

(CANANDAIGUA, NY) Holly's in Canandaigua for a church conference for a few days, so I tagged along hoping to get in some Finger Lakes biking. There are several reasonable lake circuits around here, and if the weather holds (iffy), I hope to ride around a few of these lakes. My brother Walt may also join me for a day, if some other things work out along with the weather.

I arrived at the motel around 2-3 pm today after dropping Holly off, and after hanging out for a bit, got in a short ride up Main Street and out onto some country roads to the northeast of town. It wasn't much, but the weather was still pretty warm, and I'd been off the bike for a week, so the 11-12 miles was enough for today.

After dinner, I walked around the lakeside park and the city pier, which was pretty interesting with its old boathouses. This is a pretty cool town, aside from the main commercial strip along US20/NY5.

Planning on biking, golf, and disc golf over the next few days, depending on the weather. Stay tuned!

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