Monday, July 4, 2011

Biking - A lumpy Burnt Hills/Charlton loop

After a couple of days away at my mother's house, catching up on some yard work, today we spent a little time setting up Holly's pool for the summer. The people below didn't come with it. Setup is pretty fast and easy, and at 12' x 30", it provides a nice place for a quick dip on a hot summer day.

I had taken a bike along in the car, and after we had the pool under control, I set off for a 24-mile loop around Burnt Hills and Charlton.

I was riding my Lotus Excelle with its not-so-low gearing (53/39, 13/23), and though this route was mostly flat to rolling, there were several short nasty uphills, several of which I needed to pedal standing to reach the top. But on the flat, this bike just sailed, and I finished in good time, averaging 15.6 mph.

Hoping for another longish ride later this week, depending on the heat and other assorted weather.

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