Thursday, July 7, 2011

Disc golf and biking - a nice summer's day

(Meant to post this on Thursday, but am still working through a massive computer crash.)

After the storms of Wednesday, Thursday dawned cooler and more comfortable. I discovered a few days ago that trying to get in a round of disc golf in the afternoon can be problematic now that school's out. I've become spoiled about having the course to myself, and don't enjoy having to wait or play through other groups. So I got out earlier, and got two rounds in virtually unimpeded. Both rounds tied my previous second-best score, so it was a satisfying outing, with the usual holes being the exceptions.

Then, after washing some windows and reading for a while, it was time for the weekly SWC Thursday night bike ride, this time starting in Clifton Park. I rode the old Lotus for this ride, and everything went well until about 2-3 miles into the ride. There, I flatted, with a cut in the sidewall, rendering the tire unusable in the long run. I booted it with a $1 bill, put in a new tube, and limped back to the starting point where I got an early start on the evening's beers. I don't know how old, or degraded, these tires are, but I'll be replacing them before riding this bike again.

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