Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disc golf and biking - back to the old grind

I planned to spend today catching up on things around the house before tonight's SWC Thursday evening bike ride. But first, I decided to hit the disc golf course in Central Park early, before the crowds arrived later. So I got in two quick 18-hole rounds before 10:00, and then headed back home. The first round was my best ever (65 - par 57), but I got a little sloppy on the next one, nearly losing a disc on several occasions (72). Overall, it was a good outing, and a nice morning walk in Central Park.

Tonight's bike ride started in Clifton Park, a tough place to get to from Schenectady in rush hour. It took me about an hour to drive what would normally take only half that, and I just made it on time for the start. We wound our way through residential areas and on back roads onto the Zim Smith Trail, following it to its northern terminus in Ballston Spa. Then it was back to our host's house for the usual beer and pizza on a pleasant night outside.

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