Sunday, July 31, 2011

Biking - Warren County Bikeway

My Long Island friends Ted and Diane were at their Saratoga condo for the week, so we connected and decided to ride the Warren County Bikeway today, from Glens Falls to Lake George, along with their friend Jim who was staying with them. It's about a 19-mile round trip, with a few gently rolling hills to keep it interesting.

With a 10:00am start, the temps were comfortable, and Ted, Jim, and I took it easy, while the women set out for a walk in the same direction. We expected to all meet up again around noon somewhere. The bike path was fairly crowded on a sunny summer Sunday, and I ran into another friend, Dick, and a couple of his friends out for the same ride.

We got to Lake George around 11:15, and decided not to tarry, but to start the return ride to at least come close to our 12:00 rendezvous time. As it turned out, we all reached the Cooper's Cave ice cream stop at exactly the same time, right at noon. We lounged around there for a bit, and then rode/walked the 3-4 blocks back to the cars after a pleasant and relaxed outing.

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