Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Biking - MHCC Tuesday Evening Ride

Tonight, I joined a Mohawk-Hudson Cycling Club Tuesday night casual ride. It started close to home, and that was a major selling point, as well as the fact that some friends would also be there.

It was a bit of an odd route, in that it crossed itself several times, forming three smaller loops outside the main loop. These were all roads I've biked many times, and I knew exactly how to ride the hills. Though the pace was advertised as "casual, 11-13 mph", things never quite work out that way. There was a fast group, which I did not join, a slow group, and some of us scattered about in between. I rode at a comfortable pace, and enjoyed the evening as it cooled off from today's hot afternoon.

Afterwards, we stopped for dinner at Chef's Take Out, an Italian restaurant near the meeting point for the ride. It was a pleasant group, and a nice ride.

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