Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hiking - Long Path to Cannady Hill

Today, I led a Schenectady ADK trip to Cannady Hill, a 2-mile hike each way on the Long Path. Holly and I had been there once before a few years ago, and it had a decent view, and we needed something close to home today, so this filled the bill. This section of the Long Path is just west of West Berne, NY, about 25 miles from Schenectady.

The climbing starts soon after entering the woods, then levels off for a ways, and then climbs a very steep section to the top of the ridge. We had to hunt for the view, as shown by the GPS track above, but once we found it, it made a nice lunch spot. The highlight of the view was the Blackhead Range in the Catskills, with other peaks also visible, though tough to identify from this unusual (for us) angle.

There was a moderate threat of showers throughout the day, but the worst we got were a couple of quick spritzes, not even enough for raingear. Wildflowers were starting to appear but were still rather sparse. We did see red trillium, bellwort, several varieties of violet, a sedge. and a few trout lilies, but it will be another week before everything starts to really bust out down here.

It was a short hike and an early day, but the more serious rain wasn't far behind us, so the timing worked out great.

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