Friday, May 27, 2011

Disc Golf - Schenectady Central Park

More storms on tap for this afternoon, and more sticky heat this morning. For whatever reason, I just didn't feel like biking, and also wanted to watch at least part of today's Giro d'Italia Stage 19, with its mountain finish. That gave me a couple of hours in the cooler morning to do something, and once again, disc golf fit the bill.

The only thing consistent about my play is that it's consistently inconsistent. Although I'm generally improving across the board, I still have several bad shots and bad holes in every round, and if I could eliminate just those, I could be shooting close to par every time. Guess that's the story with regular golf as well, and not just for me but for everybody. After a couple of 66s my last two times out, today I shot 69 and 70, so not bad, just moving in the wrong direction from par 57.

The park is alive on these warm spring/summer mornings, and it's a pleasant walk (or two!) around the course amid all the other stuff that's going on.

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