Thursday, May 19, 2011

Biking - Dodging the raindrops

Tonight was the weekly SWC beer and pizza ride, starting at a friend's house in the hills west of Schenectady. There was some doubt about the weather, but it looked OK, so I decided to give it a go. Instead of doing the usual 18-19 miles from this location, I cut off a few of the last uphill miles and settled for 14, but still with a good climb. I wanted to beat the weather, and didn't really feel like climbing that last hill anyway. It never rained, and the food (and beer) afterwards were well worth the effort. Now that I'm home, the rain has started again in earnest.

Earlier today, after taking advantage of a rare blue-sky opportunity to get the lawn mowed before it became impossibly deep, I got in a fairly tame 16-mile ride. I wasn't at all sure that tonight's ride would come off at all, with thunderstorms rolling in. But if it did, it was a hilly ride, and I didn't want to burn myself out too early, so I went for a flat route this afternoon. With temps in the low 70s and light winds, it was a really nice day to be out.

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