Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Geocaching - Indian Meadows Park

Today, I went geocaching with friend Karen, who was recently given a very nice and complicated GPS, and wanted to learn how to use it. She bought me breakfast first, and then we set off for the park. After some time spent getting the GPS set up the way I preferred it (which must be the best way), we tackled a couple of easy geocaches in the park. We thought the first one might be missing, since my printed page was pretty old, and we couldn't find it. I knew we were in the right place, because Holly and I had found this one several years ago. (Wrong - discovered later that it was last found 3 days ago, so it must still be there.) We paused to review the GPS lessons learned on that attempt, and then tried another, a multi. Karen led us right to it, in a swampy buggy wooded area on the south side of the park. We didn't tarry long there, and just took the driest route back to the cars after a successful learning experience!

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