Thursday, May 5, 2011

Disc golf and an evening bike ride

It was a brisk windy day for this time of year, and with an SWC bike ride on for the evening, I went back to Schenectady's Central Park for another quick round of disc golf this morning. This is getting to be habit-forming, especially as my scores keep coming down. It's free and very nearby, and I can fit in a round almost anytime, so why not?

Tonight, Holly hosted the first SWC bike ride of the season. Despite cool windy conditions, and even a threat of showers, there was a good turnout. I took the old 10-speed, expecting to get wet, and did a short version of one of the available rides, then hightailed it back to the house to go pick up the pizzas. I had more energy tonight than on that last hilly ride, and felt strong. Hoping for better weather to start getting back into something like last year's condition.

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