Monday, May 23, 2011

Hiking - Fog, wind, wildflowers, and snow on the Taconic Crest Trail

Today, Holly and I and a couple of her friends went for an easy hike on the Taconic Crest Trail, north of NY-2 at Petersburg Pass. The woods were lush and green, and eerie at times, since we were walking along alternately in and out of the clouds as a very cool wind howled across the ridge.

Taconic Crest Trail

The usual viewpoints out over the valley were socked in, but there were enough wildflowers to keep it interesting.

Painted trillium

Red trillium

Canada violet (?)


Common blue violet

The Snow Hole still had several feet of snow at the very bottom. At the rate the weather and temperatures have been going this spring, it will be there for a long time.

Snow Hole

Despite the cool temperatures, we made the usual stop at Stewart's on the way home for ice cream, after a pleasant outing.

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