Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fractured disc....

Frisbee, that is - read on.

Today was yet another wet rainy dreary day. But looking at the radar, and the direction everything was moving, it looked like there might be a break in the action by late morning. Getting a little tired of sitting home, reading, and watching the grass grow and the yard jungle-ize, I headed to Central Park for a round of disc golf between deluges. Though the grass was wet, and there was lots of water dripping off the trees, I got this round in with no weather problems. On hole #5, there was a (makeshift) bridge out across a small creek that runs through the park, so I had to detour a long way around that, but that wasn't a big deal.

Then, on #11, I whacked a tree dead on with a hard throw off the tee, and cracked my disc. Fortunately, it stayed in one piece and I continued on. I glued it when I got home, but a couple more hits like that will probably kill it, so I decided to replace it. Play It Again Sports, in Latham, carries a bewildering array of different golf discs. There are entire multi-disc sets, with different discs for different shots, just like real golf. Too many choices, and I swore I would never cave in to that level of specialization. Once, many years ago, there was only one kind of disc, the "Pluto Platter"...

I bought a "maximum distance driver" disc, that's supposed to fly farther and straighter than the "mid-range/approach" disc I've been using for everything. Maybe this will help my scores. So now, at least until the original falls apart, I'm a two-disc player. I swear I will never buy a "putter".

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