Friday, June 1, 2012

Disc golf and biking - a busy week

Another quick update - lots to do.  Went for a couple of rounds of disc golf in Central Park on Tuesday, with heat and big rain expected in the afternoon.  The morning wasn't bad, though very muggy, and I had two very good rounds of 62-62.  How's that for consistent?  The "putter" was uncharacteristically hot and saved me from disaster on several occasions.

Thursday night was the weekly SWC beer and pizza ride, this time in the hills of West Glenville.  We did 16-17 miles on a cool night, with only one climb of any significance, and adjourned to our host's house for beer and pizza afterwards.  There was a big crowd, nearly 40 people, probably because of the beautiful weather.

Staying close to home today, and getting some things done around here.

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