Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Canoeing - Heading north to escape (?) a sizzler

Today and tomorrow are forecast to hit the mid-90s here in town, with high humidity and really uncomfortable conditions.  So Holly and I loaded up her canoe and headed a couple of hours north to the southern Adirondacks for an afternoon of paddling.  Sand Lake, near Piseco, is one of our favorite places to go, despite the half-mile sometimes muddy carry to the put-in.  It wasn't too bad today, and with the canoe on my shoulders, we made good time to the lake.  It only (?) got to about 90 here, and there was a welcome breeze and even some cloud cover.

We paddled the circumference of the lake and explored the main inlet from Mud Lake before heading to The Big Rock and a cooling swim.  This lake is completely surrounded by state land, and the only "trail" is the muddy path we'd used to come in on.  We only saw two other people all afternoon, and they just appeared and then disappeared from the put-in off in the distance, apparently exploring for a future visit.

Sand Lake from "The Big Rock"
As often happens here, Holly spent a lot of time in the water, but with the nice breeze, I was content to just sit and watch the resident pair of loons and then lie down and relax in the shade until it was time to head back to the car.  No trip on a day like this would be complete without ice cream, so we made a stop on NY-30A north of Johnstown at Udderly Delicious, which aptly describes the experience, before heading home to the real heat.

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