Sunday, June 17, 2012

Biking - A hilly 48 before the heat to come

Some friends and I got out for a fairly serious ride today, 48+ miles and 2,500 feet of climbing, starting off with the 7 miles up to Mariaville.  From there, it's a rolling 17 miles with nice views, along the eastern edge of the Schoharie Valley, and down to Fort Hunter along the Mohawk River. 

As always when out this way, we stop at Karen's Produce and Ice Cream for a well-deserved break and something to eat.  Since it was only 10:30, I settled for a strawberry sundae before we continued on our way.

The flat route back along the Mohawk found us grinding into a pretty good headwind, and then came the final few smallish climbs.  On the first one, at 46 miles, my quads cramped up solid, and I was done.  This is the third time in less than 2 years that I've had this issue at exactly that mileage.  I was well-hydrated, and remain somewhat mystified about this problem, as I have been previously.  In 2010, I biked from coast to coast, 75 riding days, many in the 60-80 mile range, with lots of climbing and in ridiculous heat, and never cramped once.  I really need to figure this out.

Up until that point, it was a very nice ride, one of our favorites.  Thanks to Bill for picking me up a short distance from the finish.

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