Thursday, June 28, 2012

Biking - Weekly beer and pizza ride

Tonight was our weekly SWC beer and pizza ride, this time hosted at a house in Clifton Park, near Okte School.  We dropped down Southbury Rd. to Boyack to Riverview, and rode west to Grooms Road, returning via Grooms, Ray, and Englemore.  It was only 16.46 miles, but as so often happens on these weekly rides, testosterone takes over and produces a very fast pace.  I swore I wouldn't fall prey to that tonight, but when the slight rollers on Riverview presented themselves, I was gone.  I never caught the lead pack, and didn't try, but powering up the hills felt good, as did passing many of the other riders who had previously been far ahead of me.  I don't usually ride like this, and try to just relax and take it easy, but sometimes it's fun to push a little, this time to an average speed of 15.8 mph.  I'm usually much more comfortable around 13-14.  Man, that first beer was good!

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