Friday, June 29, 2012

Biking - Return to Kinderhook, and beyond

Last week, a friend and I biked from Castleton-on-Hudson to Kinderhook.  Once there, we decided to skip some added loops that this group often rides, grab a bagel, and then retrace our route to the car, for 22 miles.  Today, with several others in this same group, we continued on beyond Kinderhook for an almost 34-mile ride.  The extra 11-12 mile CCW loop can be seen on the map below

A hot day was on tap, so we got started from Castleton at 8:30am, and got up the first 1/2 mile climb while it was still pretty cool.  The ride to Kinderhook is flat to gently rolling through active farmland on lightly travelled roads. After Kinderhook came a 1.2-mile climb, followed by more rolling scenic rural countryside.  Part of the way around the loop, we stopped at a farm stand and the 4 of us polished off a quart of fresh strawberries before continuing on.  Back in Kinderhook, it was time for a bagel break, and then we headed back to Castleton, finishing just before noon and the heat and winds to come later.

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