Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Biking - The rain that never was

Some friends and I were planning to get out for a fairly serious bike ride this morning, but when we got up, it was drizzly and bleak outside.  The radar looked like there would be actual rain just about in time for our 8:30 start, so we decided to wait an hour and see what happened.  By then, it seemed that the approaching showers were dissipating as they got closer, so we decided to just go for it.  And we were glad we did.  We only got a couple of brief sprinkles all day, and had a great ride that even included some sunshine.

Judy and I met at Bill and Gina's house in Westhill, just up the road from Rotterdam Square Mall.  From there, we climbed to Mariaville for about the first 8 miles, and then we wandered around up in the hills on the east side of the Schoharie Valley before dropping back down to the Mohawk River and heading back to Rotterdam.  There, we faced the short steep series of climbs back up to Westhill.  All told, we covered about 42 miles with 2,700 feet of total climbing, definitely my toughest ride so far this year.  Back at the house, Gina pulled together a scrumptious lunch, and we sat and talked for a while before calling it a day.  I think we'll all be feeling this one tomorrow.

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