Friday, March 9, 2012

XC Skiing - Rockwood State Forest

Tomorrow, I'm scheduled to lead a ski trip to Rockwood State Forest, just west of Johnstown, and only an hour away. I had serious doubts about the snow conditions, and with 2 people already signed up, it seemed like a good idea to mount a reconaissance mission. So I headed up there this afternoon, with low expectations, fully expecting to have to cancel yet another ski trip this winter.

The trip is ON, believe it or not. I skied for about an hour today on 10-12" of heavy, wet, soft snow. Tomorrow won't be the best skiing I've ever seen, but it may be the last of the year, at least this close to home. Another 2-4" of new fresh snow possible there overnight, along with a possible freeze-up, so we won't know how the skiing is until we get there tomorrow. It's worth taking a chance
anyway, being so close to home.

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