Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Biking - Three rides in one

On a windy day, there are 1001 excuses for not riding a bicycle. Today, I ignored all of them. Holly wanted to get out for her first miles of the season, but knowing that would be a short ride in Burnt Hills, I parked the car at SCCC and biked up to her house to add on a few more miles for myself.

The ride northbound was made more difficult by a strong westerly/northerly headwind/crosswind. It seemed to be swirling a bit, as always. Instead of my usual 14-15 mph pace, I managed only 12.5 for this 10.7-mile leg.

Once there, we did an easy 9 miles, fighting the wind for about half of it, before returning to her house and our starting point.

The ride back to SCCC was much easier, with the winds at my back for much of the way. I wound up with 31+ miles total at a fairly leisurely pace, though it was somewhat of a struggle at times, especially on the initial ride to Burnt Hills. The trick is not to worry about the MPH, take what you get, drop to a lower gear, and just do it. I must be getting older. Or maybe it's just wiser. Yeah, that's it.

Hickory-smoked BBQ ribs for dinner, with my own secret sauce. Oh so good - devoured like a Neanderthal.

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