Thursday, March 29, 2012

Walk - Albany Pine Bush Preserve

Today was another dreary, windy, and cool 40s day when I didn't feel like biking, so I got out for another local walk instead.  This time, I chose the Albany Pine Bush Preserve in nearby Guilderland.  There are several different sections to this preserve, but the one that I've been to the least is the one shown on the map below, and that's where I went, parking at the end of Willow Street, at the #8 on the map.

The "Great Dune" area of the Pine Bush
This area has changed a lot since the last time I was there, most likely several winters ago, on skis.  Much of the area atop the dunes has been cleared, and other trees are dying back, probably black locusts that have been intentionally girdled for habitat restoration.  The trails are smooth and well-marked for the most part, although a few places need some attention in that regard.  The only spring wildflowers I saw today were skunk cabbage in some low-lying areas.  After last week's warm weather, it now seems like spring is on hold, though we're simply now back to normal conditions for this early in the year.  Hoping it may get a little warmer again next week.

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