Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Disc golf - Schenectady Central Park

After a bit of a dreary morning, the afternoon cleared nicely, so I headed over to Central Park for my now weekly disc golf outing.  It was pretty breezy, so I wasn't expecting to score very well, and I lived up (down?) to those expectations.  It was a nice 2-3 mile walk in the park flinging discs hither and yon, and basically raising my average score a notch or two.  I can't blame the wind for much of it - the fact is that my "putting" was atrocious.  Anything within 10 meters (30ish feet) is considered a  "putt" in this game, but normally for me, anything longer than 10-12 feet that goes in can only rightfully be called a lucky shot.  Today, even the shorter ones were going astray, and that accounted for most of the unnecessary shots added to my scores.  Still not gonna buy a "putter" though - nope - that's just crazy talk...

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