Saturday, March 17, 2012

Walk - H. G. Reist Sanctuary

After spending the morning and early afternoon nursing a sore back, watching bike racing, watching NCAA basketball, and baking bread, I really wanted to get out of the house later this afternoon. The day had turned nice, with sunny skies and temps around 60F. Not wanting to drive very far, I headed for the H. G. Reist Sanctuary in nearby Niskayuna, a property of the Hudson-Mohawk Bird Club. The walking there is pretty flat and not very long, and I didn't want to overdo it after the morning's issues.

Despite the spring-like conditions, it was still mid-March in the woods. Though the frogs were croaking furiously in the wetter areas, there wasn't a whole lot yet to see that indicated spring was here. The only exceptions were a few skunk cabbage poking up out of the muck.

The next several days may convince me that winter is really over, but I haven't quite been lulled into that complacency just yet. It would be great if that were indeed true, but I'll be more prepared to believe it in a few more weeks.

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