Friday, March 30, 2012

Biking - Up the river and back again

I wasn't planning to bike today, but when I realized that a month ago I'd been biking on windy days in the 30s, skipping a sunny breezy day near 50 could only be based on many lame excuses.  So I layered up and got out for a ride.

There are several different riverside loops, and rivers, that we ride in this area.  Today, I chose the western one, from Schenectady Community College to Amsterdam and back along the Mohawk River.  With a WNW wind, the outbound leg on bike path and NY-5S would be challenging, but the ride back home on NY-5 after crossing north over the river would be a piece of cake.  It's a relatively flat loop of about 32 miles, but with the winds, I wasn't really interested in adding any hills to the mix anyway.  I just wanted to get out for a ride, and actually go somewhere instead of around in my usual circles.

Mohawk River loop
Along the way, I saw some of the damage from Tropical Storms Irene and Lee late last summer, especially around Locks 9 and 10, where massive rebuilding continues.  On the way home, I rode through Crane's Hollow, the scene of last summer's tornado just after Irene and Lee.  Trees were snapped off and down everywhere as cleanup continues there.  Let's hope the coming summer brings no repeats of last year's calamities.

On a positive note, Jumpin' Jacks in Scotia reopened for the new season yesterday, after being severely flooded by those same storms.  Couple of pictures from today's Schenectady Gazette:

August 29, 2011
I considered stopping in for lunch, but figured that Day 2 would be much like Day 1, and I'd never get served or get home.  One Jack Burger a season is enough anyway.

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