Monday, July 27, 2009

Golf - Whispering Pines GC

It's another warm sticky day, and more storms are expected this afternoon (what else is new?), so I headed to Whispering Pines early for some practice with irons and my short game. I just never seemed to get it going today, with errant tee shots, fluffed pitches, etc, etc. But finally, my putting on these greens was better than usual (but see below), and mostly my short game was also pretty good. I saved par or bogey many times after multiple bad tee shots.


  • 8 pars, 5 bogeys
  • Chipping saved the day over and over again
  • Finally got the feel of these greens
  • 4-putted #18 from 18" away (!!) for a closing 6
  • One other 3-putt
  • 4 double bogeys
  • Only 4 greens in regulation, and this course is mostly par 3s
  • Humidity and mosquitoes

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