Thursday, July 9, 2009

Biking - SWC Thursday Night Ride

The SWC ride tonight was a 19-miler up in the Rotterdam hills, beginning with a 6-mile climb of some 900 feet. Here's a link to the ride route and profile.

After yesterday's 42 miles, my legs were a little less than 100%, and the climb seemed tougher than usual, as I do this ride several times every year. But the great thing about this ride is the next 10-mile rolling downhill from the top of the climb. Ordinarily, I'd be coasting most of this stretch, but tonight I felt compelled, for some reason, to pedal hard and enjoy the speed. I hit 40mph at one point coming down Currybush Road in a tuck, and it felt good.

The worst thing about this ride is the final 2 miles, and especially the final half-mile, which features a nasty little climb, with a short stretch that approaches 20%, according to Nobody needed that at the end of this ride, but since it led to the awaiting beer and pizza, we all gritted our teeth and grunted up it, now at a scant 4mph. I was pretty much spent when I reached the car.

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