Friday, July 3, 2009

Biking - Grant Hill Loop

It's been a week of rotten weather - thunderstorms, deluges, high winds, street flooding - and I've been doing next to nothing since Monday's ride. More of the same is due later today, but the morning dawned partly sunny, and no radar blips were headed this way for a while, so I headed out for a ride. The Grant Hill Road climb and loop is one of my favorites, 20-25 miles right from my door, so away I went.

With 4-5" of rain this week, the Normanskill was running very high, brown, and muddy as I crossed it before starting the main climb. But the view from French's Hollow was even more impressive. Water was cascading over the dam that forms Watervliet Reservoir, and the water churned beneath the bridge and over the rock ledges downstream. No room for local teens to be sunning on the rocks today!

By now, the sky was growing steadily darker, so I opted for the short version of the ride and hightailed it toward home. The first drops were falling as I finished the last mile, but now the sun is out again, only to heat things up for the afternoon show.

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