Monday, July 20, 2009

Golf - Hillcrest GC

Every Monday at Hillcrest is "rollback day", $12 instead of the usual $16. Today when I got there, it was obvious something was up, with many cars, and lots of golfers milling around the parking lot. It was suggested that I tee off ASAP and get ahead of this group outing, due to tee off in a half hour or so. Good plan.

Coming off the second green, I noticed golf carts scattering all over the course. Somebody had decided on a "shotgun start", where each foursome goes to a different tee and plays 9 holes from there. It makes the whole thing go a lot faster for the group, but now here I was, caught in the middle of it, and nobody had bothered to let me know it would be happening. Kinda pissed me off.

The foursome on #3 tee let me hit first to the empty hole ahead, and then a golf course guy told me to go play 7-8-9 from there, and come back to 4-5-6 after that. So away I went to 3 more empty holes. When I came back to #4, I had to continually wait for the obvious non-golfers ahead as I continued through #6 and finished my 9. For my trouble, the course gave me a card for a free 9 next time I play there. Not bad.

At least I had a decent round, even bogeys for a 46 (2 pars, 2 double bogeys, 5 bogeys)


  • Driving well with a 3-wood, straight and free from trouble
  • Putting was excellent with only 14 putts and a few longer ones dropped
  • Short game was good, with a couple of nice scrambles
  • Finished with 2 pars
  • The "shotgun" mess
  • 2 double bogeys
  • 1 3-putt
On the way home, I stopped in at Briar Creek GC, just down the road. It's 18 holes, but they have a 9-hole rate ($16), and it might be more interesting than Hillcrest. I seem to be playing well enough now to take on something a little less like an open field.

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