Monday, July 13, 2009

Golf - Hillcrest GC

It's another nice Monday, which is the best golf day to avoid leagues, and even to get a discount at Hillcrest. I headed out early, and was surprised to find 8-10 cars already in the parking lot, very unusual for this course. I wound up doubling with Don, who was riding in a cart driven by his granddaughter Nicole. It was a good round, my best ever at Hillcrest, a 45 (par 37).


  • dropped a 20-foot putt from off the fringe for par on #2
  • 4 pars, 2 bogeys
  • short irons were dead on, thanks to lots of practice at Whispering Pines
  • short game was also very good
  • 2 3-putts
  • 3 double bogeys
  • treated a 1-footer as a tap-in and missed
On the 9th tee, I tried Don's driver, one of the very large lightweight modern ones, with a huge sweet spot. I hit it about 280 yards, dead straight, just 30 yards from the green. On the way home, I realized that my clubs (really made of wood!) are approaching 25-30 years old - it may be time to see what's out there at a reasonable price if I'm going to keep playing this game. Apparently, the newer clubs are said to be much easier and more forgiving to hit with.

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