Saturday, July 25, 2009

Canoeing - Kayaderosseras Creek

The Kayaderosseras (pronounced KAY-der-ross) Creek winds its way down from northern Saratoga County, passes though the Village of Ballston Spa, and eventually empties into Saratoga Lake. The lower reaches, below Ballston Spa, are mostly canoe-able, with some shallow spots and the occasional clog to portage around. Today, Holly and I paddled from the launch site at Gray's Crossing to a take-out at Driscoll Road. This map (see page 2) shows the creek and our route, about 3 miles, all downstream.

After some initial coordination issues, and making the transition from our usual pond paddling to moving water, we did OK and spent a couple of hours heading down the stream. We had left a car at Driscoll Road to get us back to Gray's Crossing, so there would be no upstream paddling today. That was a good thing, since there were a couple of quick spots. We also had to carry around one 50-foot section where fallen trees had collected all sorts of urban detritus, making the channel impassable.

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