Wednesday, March 20, 2013

XC Skiing - Rockwood State Forest scores again!

If you live in this area, you have two choices when it comes to winter.  You can either grumble about it, or you can get out and enjoy it.  Usually, I do pretty well with the latter, but when it comes to March and late-season snowstorms, I've been grumbling a lot this year.  I'm ready for spring.

But today, Holly and I got out for one more XC ski trip, again to Rockwood State Forest.  The snow at home was crunchy, having had some rain and sleet mixing in at times, and wasn't very nice.  But at Rockwood, we found fully 12" of fresh new fluffy snow, and no sign of any crunch at all.  It was one of our best ski outings of the year.

Our favorite loop, with the biggest hills, had already been broken, much to our delight, and we had a great time skiing it  in the new snow.  At the end, we broke out a few other trails, with the objective of getting to the top of a couple of our favorite downhills, near the parking area.  I did a crazy steep one that I hadn't braved in a while, but it was very tame today in the deep unbroken snow.  Holly did a different descent, also unbroken, and it was a somewhat new experience for both of us getting first tracks on the downhills here.

I'm still ready for spring, but I wouldn't have missed this day for anything.

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