Monday, March 18, 2013

Hiking - Discovering the Levine Preserve

Today, I joined a weekly gathering of Saratoga PLAN preserve stewards as we explored a preserve I'd never visited before, the Levine Preserve in Providence.  There are no real trails here yet, just a former town road that bisects the preserve and allows a nice walk.  PLAN is in the process of laying out where future trails might go, so today we were roughly following some existing flagging, but also exploring some on our own.  There are remains of several buildings here, including a former farmstead, an old sawmill on picturesque Cadman Creek, and literally miles of old stone walls.

Cadman Creek, near the sawmill ruins

We only walked a few miles, but stopped a lot to try to understand what we were seeing and what used to be here.  This place deserves a return trip in the spring, when wildflowers are in bloom and before the inevitable underbrush takes over for the summer.  Formal trails are still planned, but will take time, and I hope to be involved in possibly creating some of them later this year.

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  1. When I was young my family use to go picnic there and we almost bought the land. Brings back some fond memories.