Friday, March 15, 2013

Walking and disc golf - A return to colder weather

After last week's surprise 8" snowfall, a few warmer days and some significant rain took care of getting rid of it very quickly.  The past few days have been colder and windy, and not very appealing for doing much outside.  Nevertheless, I got in a couple of walks, a fast one on the Rotterdam bike path, and a more relaxed shorter one in the H. G. Reist Sanctuary in nearby Niskayuna.

Today was a better day, so I got in a couple of rounds of disc golf in Central Park.  I finished both rounds with 66 (+9), but in two very different ways (33-33 and 29-37).  Aside from a couple of uncharacteristically disastrous "holes" in each round, it was a pretty good day overall. 

More snow possible next week - it's just that up and down time of year.

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