Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Walk - 5 miles at 14:00/mile

After yesterday's brief bike suffer-fest, I was planning to get back in the saddle today and do it again.  Then came the excuses, and before I knew it, I was approaching the school bus time of day (another excuse?), and just couldn't get excited about doing it.  So I didn't.

Last winter, when we rarely had snow but it was too cold to bike, I discovered that a fast walk on the snow-free bike path was a good alternative form of exercise.  I've been throwing in a few of these ever since, especially in colder weather.  So today that's what I did, walking from SCCC to Lock 8 and back along the Mohawk River Bike Path in Rotterdam.  I'd never really timed one of these before, but today's 5 miles in about 1:10 saw me moving right along at better than 4mph.

I don't get quite the same calorie burn from these walks as from the same length of time bicycling, but I'll just chalk it up to cross-training and it's all good.

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