Saturday, March 23, 2013

A gathering of friends, more XC skiing, a rest day, and a local walk

On Wednesday evening, after XC skiing 2 hours at Rockwood State Forest with Holly, we got together with most of the other riders in my group from last year's Bon Ton Roulet bike tour in the Finger Lakes for a potluck dinner and reunion.  It was good to see everybody again, and the food was fantastic.  While there, Holly and I convinced some others that Rockwood was currently the best skiing around, and the seeds of another outing were planted.

On Thursday, a couple of of those friends, one other friend, and I all headed back to Rockwood for more skiing.  Holly couldn't make it this time, but 4 skiers gave us enough to break some new trails.  The snow was getting a little sticky by the time we were finishing up, and with warmer days and cold nights headed our way, the snow there won't stay nice much longer.  This time, we were out for 3 hours, and on top of the day before, I was toast when we were done. 

Friday was a lazy rest and catch-up day, with lots of reading, local errands, and a short nap.  But those days can get boring, and I didn't want another one today.  So this afternoon, I got out for a long walk in the Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve in Clifton Park.  There was still a little snow here, but it was soft and easily walkable, with patches of spring mud here and there as well.  There were lots of Canada geese, and I even saw a group of deer, but not another human for the 90 minutes I was out.

Warmer weather looks to be on the way, and this next snowstorm will miss us to the south, so fingers are crossed that spring may soon make an appearance.

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