Sunday, March 10, 2013

XC Skiing - Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center

Dyken Pond is in another world, at the end of a long dead-end road high on the Rensselaer County Plateau.  When I scouted it out for an ADK ski trip several weeks ago, there was more snow there than anyplace else locally, well over a foot, but it was very crunchy and not good for skiing.  After Friday's additional snow, warm temperatures, and with all that remaining base, we just had to give it a try.  And it didn't disappoint.

There was easily 15-16" of snow on the trails, which, unfortunately, had not been broken anywhere we went, aside from a single snowshoer at one point.  This was heavy, wet, but skiable snow, and we broke trail on several loops before we just plain ran out of gas.  The temperature here never got above 40 degrees, despite near-50s in the valleys below.  But the warm March sun kept the snow soft, and it was a perfect day to be outside.  There will be snow here for a long time yet, and hopefully, some more skiers will discover these trails.  Maybe they'll be broken out next time we return.

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