Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Walk - Christman Sanctuary

Today was more windy than I would have liked, though the temps were approaching 50F, so I didn't bike again today.  Instead, I paid a return visit to one of my favorite local places, the Christman Sanctuary in nearby Duanesburg.  I was curious about how much snow remained at these higher elevations, and also looked forward to seeing a lot of ice in this narrow gorge.  I wasn't disappointed.

Walking along the stream was hard-packed and occasionally icy, but I kept the microspikes in my pocket for most of this walk.  The water was running fast beneath the ice and over the many cascades here.

Farther upstream, where the gorge narrowed and the trail steepened, I did put on the microspikes for an otherwise slippery descent.  Near the main falls was this beautiful wall of bluish ice.

The main 30-foot waterfall was running pretty well too, though it wasn't as photogenic today as on some previous visits.

Though the calendar says "spring", it wasn't quite spring here yet, though the rapidly melting snow and rushing water are both good signs of things to come.

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  1. trolling blogs...always love ice falls. so pretty. spring is such a great time of year. cheers..betsy, alaska