Monday, March 11, 2013

Biking - A shortened trip on the still snowy bike path

After a lazy day yesterday recuperating from a tiring XC ski outing the day before, I needed to take advantage of a dry day with mild temperatures before the rains arrive tomorrow.  So I took the old mountain bike to the Niskayuna and Colonie bike path, as I've been doing all winter.  I can usually get in about 12 miles on the sections that are either plowed or melted off, but today I had to stop a little short of that. 

I picked my way through a couple of minor snowy sections, but near the usual turnaround point, I had to bail out a little earlier.  Where the path hasn't been plowed, and there are trees blocking the sun, there's still some leftover snow out there.  A slight headwind (in both directions, as usual) made up for the shortened distance, and it was still more than I would have done on the trainer in the basement. 

The roads still aren't quite ready for serious riding (at least not for me and my squeaky-clean road bike), so this will have to do for now.

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