Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hiking - A short walk in the Plotterkill Preserve

After a week of foot problems that have made walking uncomfortable or even painful, I finally got off my butt today and got out for a short hike/walk.  This was more of a test than a real outing, but I wanted a rough surface and not a sidewalk, so I headed to the Plotterkill Preserve and one of my favorite local short walks.

A new trailhead on Lower Gregg Road provides excellent access to the lower part of the Plotterkill Gorge, and also avoids the weekend hordes at the more popular upper trailheads.  After a short walk in to a junction with the North Rim Trail, I soon descended to the Plotterkill Creek at the bottom of the gorge.  With little water to prevent me, I walked in the streambed to another intersecting trail a little further upstream, passing over many small almost dry waterfalls along the way.  That trail returned me to the North Rim Trail, and then back to the car the way I'd come.  It's slightly less than a 2-mile loop, and is really only possible with relatively low water, which there was today.

My foot felt fine, and I had no problems.  It was good to get out, and even better to know that (hopefully) I seem to be almost back to "normal", whatever that is.

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