Friday, August 24, 2012

Canoeing - Return to Sand Lake

Yesterday, Holly and I paid a return visit to Sand Lake, near Piseco.  This lake is completely surrounded by state land, and we usually don't see another soul when we're canoeing here.  It's about a 0.5 mile carry along a sometimes muddy path from the Powley-Piseco Road, but this trip it was much drier than usual and only took us about 10 minutes.

The usual pair of loons was present, with the male being very vocal despite our keeping a respectable distance.  A juvenile that Holly saw here during the Adirondack Loon Census last month was no longer around, lost (we presume) to either illness or predation.

After paddling around the lake, we made our usual stop at "The Rock", where Holly went in for a brief swim.  Ice cream at Udderly Delicious in Gloversville capped off another beautiful day outside.

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