Sunday, August 5, 2012

Biking - An easy 30 before the storms

It was going to be another hot day, but I needed to get off my butt and get outside.  With the ADK Ididaride coming up on Sunday the 12th, I can't afford to get lazy.   I decided that even easy miles were better than none, especially given the humid conditions, so went to my current "go-to" ride for an easy 30 miles.  I used to ride up and down the Mohawk River from SCCC to Amsterdam and back for an easy 30, but this one is from my door, and is more interesting and rolling.  The climbs are short and moderate, and there are no long extended ups and downs, with total climbing of just under 1,000 feet.

I got going before 8am, and finished just before 10am, before the real heat of the day arrived, and it felt good to get out.  Biking creates its own breeze, but there was also a pretty good natural breeze blowing as well.  With this loop, I change direction so much that a headwind was never an issue for very long, another difference from that other out-and-back river loop.

Hoping to get in some more longer rides this week, and waiting to see what Sunday's weather brings.  As far as I'm concerned, that will only be a fair weather ride for me.

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