Monday, August 20, 2012

Disc golf - An erratic day in Central Park

On a pleasant morning, with the overgrown lawn still wet with dew, I decided to sneak in a couple of rounds of disc golf, and then come back to mow the lawn before the rain forecast for later in the day.  I hadn't played in a couple of weeks, and it showed on the course.  I never knew exactly where my tee shot would wind up, and I was forever having to scramble for pars from wooded thickets, poison ivy patches, and muddy streambanks.  Par wasn't always possible, and a couple of disastrous holes had me flirting with 70 in the second round, a number I haven't seen in months.  I finally settled down and finished that round strong, winding up with 65 and 67 for the day, just a bit worse than average.  At times, it felt a lot worse, but it was a nice day for a stroll in the park nevertheless.

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