Saturday, August 25, 2012

Biking - A short test ride

Over a week ago, I discovered that the rear rim on my bike was cracked in several places.  After some great service by Bill Lewis at Adirondack Bicycle, I now have a new rim attached to my existing hub, and all is well again.  A few adjustments were necessary, especially to the rear brakes, and I wanted to get out for a short ride to see what still needed tweaking.

I was thinking about an easy 30 miles when I got up this morning, but those plans changed once I got on the bike.  I didn't really feel like doing 30 miles, having been off the bike for over a week, and the chattering loudly squeaking rear brakes gave me a great excuse to cut it short at 16.  Once at home, after toeing the pads in more severely and readjusting everything, they're much better now, and will no longer serve as an excuse.  I'll do a longer ride next time.

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