Monday, August 13, 2012

Biking - ADK Ididntride

Well, actually I did.  But I didn't finish.

The ADK Ididaride is a 75-mile loop through the central Adirondacks, with somewhere between 5,000 and 7,000 feet of total elevation gain (aka climbing), depending on your information source.  In any case, it's a tough very hilly ride.

I did this ride for the first time last year, and had issues with leg cramps, but did manage to limp gingerly to the end.  This year was much the same as last, so I won't go into most of the preliminary details.  Just north of Lewey Lake, after about 48 miles and 3,500 feet of climbing, the cramps started again.  I started walking some of the hills, and by the time I reached Indian Lake at 58 miles, I decided to pack it in.  There are several long climbs beyond Indian Lake that I was pretty sure I was not going to be able to do, so it seemed like the right choice.  I've had a few instances since last year's ride where my quads painfully locked up solid while on the bike, and I wasn't anxious for another repeat of that experience.  I caught a ride back to North Creek with friends, had a couple of beers and some food, and headed home.

The cramp mystery continues, dating back to 2006, with a trouble-free 2010 TransAm thrown in for additional puzzlement.  I thought I had this solved, and a problem-free hot, humid week at the hilly Bon Ton Roulet reinforced that feeling.  Yesterday, I forced fluids and electrolytes at a rate I've never done before, but still ran into the same problems.  Not sure where to go next with this, but won't be doing any more big rides like this until I have a better idea what's going on.

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