Saturday, August 18, 2012

Canoeing - Exploring the Kunjamuk

Today, Holly and I went canoeing with friends Dave and Theresa.  We decided on the Kunjamuk River near Speculator, a winding serene and calm couple of miles each way.  The put-in is on Kunjamuk Bay, at a dirt pull-off from NY-30 south of the village of Speculator.  The way the road bends, it's actually northeast of town as the crow flies.

Speculator and Oak Mountain Ski Center at left.  Our route in red.
We paddled upstream against a gentle current, winding around bend after bend, and passing through several breached beaver dams.  Eventually, we reached a slightly higher one that was a little tricky to cross, and we felt like we'd gone far enough anyway.

Dave and Theresa below the final dam.  Should we or shouldn't we?
So we headed back downstream to a nice lunch spot we'd seen earlier and had a leisurely bite to eat before the rest of the trip back to the car.  Ice cream on the way home topped off the day, as always.

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