Monday, April 23, 2012

Walk - Water, wildflowers and woodpeckers in the Indian Kill Preserve

Since I was in Glenville this afternoon anyway, and since we got a better than expected break in the rain, and even some sun, I got out for a walk in the Indian Kill Preserve, on Hetcheltown Road in Glenville.  The Indian Kill was running high, fast, and muddy after the heavy rains of the past couple of days.

I thought the rains may have caused the wildflowers in the woods to suddenly explode into bloom after our long dry spell, but today may have been a little too soon.  Still, there were a few to be seen, the most abundant of which was the red trillium, though many were past their prime.

Others included purple violets, trout lilies, colts foot, marsh marigold, garlic mustard, and May apple, some of which are seen below.

Marsh marigold
Garlic mustard, a nuisance invasive that's everywhere

May apple, not in bloom yet, but note the large bud
At one point, the trail I was on was flooded and impassable, so I had to climb steeply up the slope to a parallel trail.

Fortuitously, that provided a magical moment.  I heard a loud chatter off in the woods not far from the trail.  Stopping to take a look, I saw not one, but three pileated woodpeckers, hopping around on the ground and low on a tree, and cackling loudly at each other.  I tried, but couldn't get all three in one shot, but here's one, at least.  It was pretty special to see, and I lingered there until they flew off.

One of the three pileated woodpeckers
As I sat here posting this, I had to pause and get rid of a tick that I'd picked up somewhere along the way.  It hadn't attached yet, so no big deal, but they're definitely out there.  Be sure to check after every outing!

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